Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Join us on this journey and together we can create a better future of healthcare!


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On this episode, Mich Hancock and Steve Sommers join us to discuss the upcoming TEDx GatewayArch event Think Well: Healthcare
On this episode, G.T. LaBorde joins us to discuss how he is helping bring transparency in healthcare to improve care
On this episode, Nathan, Bernie, and Tim discuss how robots and machine learning will change the way health providers care
 Justin Barad, MD joins us to talk about how he and his team at Osso VR are working to
On this episode, Michael Scott Lasky joins Nathan to discuss the importance of modesty and interprofessionalism in medicine. Michael is
Max Stossel joins us to discuss how we need to focus on designing technology that humanity's best interest in mind.
On this episode, Richard Chin discusses with us human and animal pharmaceutical development and what drugs are on the horizon
"Fake News" has become a phrase used to denounce news that seems to contradict your world view. When it comes
Matt Rowe joins us today to discuss how we can achieve exceptional health and empower our patients to do the
The Netherlands has passed a law to make all of their citizens organ donors unless they opt out. This is

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