027: The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Transformation – Abdul Dremali

On this episode, Abdul Dremali joins us to discuss the role machine learning and artificial intelligence will play in transforming healthcare. Abdul is the Marketing and Innovation Lead at AndPlus, which is Boston based company committed to solving complex problems through software. While leading their Growth and Innovation lab, Abdul helps conduct research and development into machine learning, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

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Throughout the episode, Abdul and Nathan dive into how AndPlus is investing heavily into the potential machine learning and AI have in revolutionizing healthcare and other business sectors. They also discuss the ethical and socialite shifts these technologies and other advancements, such as CRISPR, can have on healthcare. Abdul is currently enrolled in the MIT Executive Education Program where he studies alongside many other working professionals talking about the future of business and technology and how to create a better future.

Learn more about AndPlus and the incredible work they do through their Website and Blog. To connect with Abdul check his Twitter or his Website.

Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Interview Begins [4:40]
  • Who is Abdul and his areas of work and expertise? [4:53]
  • What is AndPlus? [5:25]
  • Abdul’s introduction into health research. [6:20]
  • What made Boston a hub for health research right now? [7:40]
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Machine Learning [9:41]
  • The advantage of having a full in house team at AndPlus [14:40]
  • What work is exciting Abdul right now? [17:13]
  • New technologies that Abdul is excited about in the health setting. [20:30]
  • Ethical aspects of new technology [22:20]
  • Will AI replace health providers? [24:22]
  • What new spaces are AndPlus looking to dive into? [25:30]
  • The most advanced mechanism is the human body. [28:40]
  • What prompted Abdul to pursue joining the MIT executive education program. [32:30]
  • Things Abdul hoping to do in the next few years at AndPlus. [33:38]
  • About AndPlus [35:46]
  • Some personal ambitions for Abdul moving forward in 2018. [36:34]
  • Contact info that people could contact him or AndPlus [37:21]
  • If you had all the power in the world, how would you create a better future of healthcare? [39:10]
  • Advice for the next generation of health leaders [41:48]

Significant Quotes:

  • “I did my job correctly if they don’t need a user manual.” [16:20]
  • “It’s better to say I don’t know than it is to pretend that you do.” [30:15]
  • “Technology moves faster than anybody’s brain does.” [32:59]


AndPlus Webiste

AndPlus Blog

Abdul’s Website

Abdul’s Twitter and LinkedIn

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