012: Hospital CEO Turned Healthcare Game Changer – Alan Coppock

On this episode, Alan Coppock and I discuss his mission to impact our healthcare system. Alan has been a senior leader of hospitals and Healthcare organizations since 1998. He not only founded a hospital in 2004, but operated it successfully until resigning in June of 2017 to found his new venture Adminologybay.com. Using his years of expertise, Alan is working to change the healthcare landscape by improving wasteful practices and building communities for health providers, executives, and personnel.

Throughout the episode, we discuss the challenges of being a CEO as well as the unique difficulties of working in a rural area hospital. We also explore the reality that there needs to be a paradigm shift in healthcare, and Alan and his team are working to do that at Adminologybay.com.

I encourage you all to check out Alan Coppock’s new podcast called Caring for Healthcare as well as their free E-book called Practical Healthcare Economics 101. More information on Alan and his team can be found at their website as well as at their three community pages.

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Show Notes:

– Interview Starts [2:39]
– Where Alan’s career started [3:07]
– The story of how Ryan founded a hospital [5:44]
– Problems and challenges of running a hospital [12:21]
– Challenges of a hospital in a rural area [14:18]
– Stepping away from the hospital and starting his own company adminologybay.com [16:56]
– His blog post and ebook [20:10]
– What the health care looks like in the future for physicians? [24:05]
– His vision for Adminologybay [27:39]
– The Magnet in the Market to connecting public to healthcare providers [35:20]
– The paradigm shift and what the future holds [38:22]
– A social media platform health provider [42:16]
– A day where competitors are collaborating [44:34]
– Where does Alan see Adminologybay will be 5 years from now? [45:57]
– If Alan could change anything about our healthcare space what would that be and why? [40:15]
– About Alan’s Podcast [51:24]
– Alan’s advice for future health professionals. [52:10]
– End of interview [53:38]

Significant quotes:

“Value is decreasing the cost and improve the outcomes.” [36:11]

“Do the hard stuff no one else wants to do and you’ll find opportunities no one else does.” [52:27]

“When face with a decision point, make a decision. Any decision put off long enough will be made for you.” [52:33]

“Seek to be as valuable outside your organization as you are inside.” [52:40]

Links Mentioned:

Their NEW Podcast – Caring for Healthcare
Ebook – Practical Healthcare Economics 101
AdminologyBay – adminologybay.com
ProviderBay – providerbay.com
ExecuBay – execubay.com
PersonnelBay – personnelbay.com
Blog – adminologybay.com/blog


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