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040: Creating a TEDx Event – Think Well: Healthcare Out Loud

On this episode, Mich Hancock and Steve Sommers join us to discuss the upcoming TEDx GatewayArch event Think Well: Healthcare Out Loud! Join our Private Facebook Group Today! Review this Podcast | Subscribe to our Newsletter Steve is the current Executive Director of TEDxGatewayArch, while Mich is the Co-Founder of TEDxGatewayArch. Together they created TEDxGatewayArch and have […]

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WW 013: Modesty in Medicine – Michael Scott Lasky

On this episode, Michael Scott Lasky joins Nathan to discuss the importance of modesty and interprofessionalism in medicine. Michael is a first year medical student at Missouri University School of Medicine and is also the founder of an organization called Modesty in Medicine. Join our Private Facebook Group Today! Throughout this Whatever Wednesday episode we […]

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036: Pharmaceuticals for Humans and Animals – Richard Chin

On this episode, Richard Chin discusses with us human and animal pharmaceutical development and what drugs are on the horizon to transform medicine. Richard is the CEO of KindredBio whose mission it is to bring to our animal family members the same kind of innovative, breakthrough medicines that our human family members enjoy. Review this Podcast | Subscribe to […]

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