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004: Virtual Reality in Healthcare – Brent Cross

Write a 5 Star Review and Subscribe Today! On this episode I got to talk on the phone with Brent Cross learn about numerous technological advancements in healthcare. Brent is the Engineering Supervisor at SIMnext. Currently he works on numerous projects having to deal with augmented simulation, 3D printing, and virtual reality. He first got his […]

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001: What is The Future of Healthcare – Nathan Dollinger

Write a 5 Star Review and Subscribe Today! The start of a journey into attempting to understand the future of healthcare. Along the way I will sit down with health leaders from across our healthcare landscape, from different backgrounds and philosophies, to learn and gain wisdom from their experiences. More about The Future of Healthcare: […]

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Welcome to The Future of Healthcare Podcast!

The Future of Healthcare Podcast is focused on learning from current health professionals across the healthcare landscape to educate and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals. Each week a new podcast will be released ranging in topics from health and wellness to the newest cutting edge healthcare technology. This podcast is a journey! As […]

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