004: Virtual Reality in Healthcare – Brent Cross

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On this episode I got to talk on the phone with Brent Cross learn about numerous technological advancements in healthcare. Brent is the Engineering Supervisor at SIMnext. Currently he works on numerous projects having to deal with augmented simulation, 3D printing, and virtual reality.

He first got his exposure to VR as an intern at NASA and now is using his experiences to develop clinical and educational applications for these quickly advancing technology in healthcare. It is a fascinating interview so I encourage you all to give it a listen!

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Show Notes:

• Podcast starts [01:40]

• Brent Cross is the engineering Supervisor at Techno and SIMnext That makes healthcare simulation software development and manufacturing.[02:03]

• Jump Simulation center is one of the top 5 simulation centers in the country.[02:45]

• We dive into his educational background from his undergrad at University of Illinois and then he got his Master’s of Biomedical Engineering at Brown.[03:30]

• Internship at NASA where he was first exposed to virtual reality. [04:00]

• Is VR in healthcare going to live up to the potential? [05:55]

• We dig into the anatomical Lab at Jump and how they replicate medical sceneries and how they augment those situations. [07:50]

• What type of work is Brent currently doing using VR in a healthcare setting?[13:00]

• Why a VR model is better than a 3D printed mode. [15:20]

• How this VR technology can help with child genital heart defects. [17:25]

• Designing VR education programs to educate providers but also help teach people with disease to live optimally.[19:10]

• The potential for using virtual reality as pain management.[24:45]

• We dig into some of the tough parts of this research and what is holding it back from truly taking off. [30:10]

• What would Brent do if he had all the power in the world to change something in our healthcare system? [36:50]

• Advice for future health professionals. [37:05]

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