031: St. Louis, Hub of Entrepreneurship and Diversity – Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore M.B.A.

On This Episode, Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore joins us to discuss how she is helping St. Louis become a hub of entrepreneurial innovation through investments in diversity and creating opportunities to promote the betterment of the community. Cheryl worked as a physician at Cook County Hospital in Chicago before getting her M.B.A from Northwestern, which spurred her career in entrepreneurship. Currently she works as the Director and Lead of the Bioscience Entrepreneurial & Diversity Inclusion Initiative at BioSTL.

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Throughout the episode we discuss Cheryl’s journey and how she got to where she is today. After her M.B.A. she was accepted as part of the Baxter’s Leadership Development Program. From there she worked for many companies and start ups as well as created some of her own companies. With all her expertise, she was the perfect person to join BioSTL and the BioGenerator as they strived to create an innovative health and science community in St. Louis.

Nathan and Cheryl dive into the entrepreneurial opportunities in healthcare and how St. Louis is working to innovate in this space. With a focus on diversity, Cheryl is working to promote more involvement in STEM and entrepreneurship in all areas of the St. Louis community as early as high school.

We can all be involved in creating a better healthcare future! You do not need to be a doctor or a scientist to make a difference!

Learn more about Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore at BioSTL and listen to her podcast: Entrepreneurially Thinking

Events Coming Up:

  • An Evening With Eric Bailey – Thursday, February 1st
  • Hidden Figures Film & Panel Discussion – Monday, February 12th
  • Keynote Speaker at Missouri Louis Stokes Alliance of MinorityParticipation Undergraduate Research Symposium, 3/24 at Harris Stowe
  • Vision 2017 (previous event)
  • Healthcare Futurists event coming up in July

Enjoy the Episode!

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Show Notes:

Dr. Cheryl’s career origin story [04:41]
Her return to business school [07:50]
On becoming an entrepreneur [09:51]
Baxter’s Leadership Development Program [12:50]
What makes St. Louis an innovation hub [18:52]
Her take on BioSTL and BioGenerator [22:45]
Her impact on the community and the youth [32:27]
The headline she hopes to read in the future [39:38]
One thing she would change in the current healthcare system [48:49]
Dr. Cheryl’s advice to future healthcare leaders [49:40]

Significant Quotes:

  • “Failure doesn’t mean it was bad, you learned something from it, you have an opportunity to either try again or work on a large corporation.” [38:50]
  • “Think outside of the box, always look at how can you do something differently, don’t shy away from new opportunities.” [51:00]

Future Health Headline

St. Louis is the Prime Spot for Women, Immigrants, and Minorities to Grow their Business


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