033: The Technology and Mobility Revolution – Chris Sullivan

On this episode, Chris Sullivan joins us to discuss the future of technology and mobile devices in healthcare and how it will transform the way we care for patients. Chris is the Global Healthcare Practice Lead for Zebra Technologies. With over 20 years of healthcare industry executive experience, he is now leading Zebra on improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care.

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With the rapid growth of technology and mobile device use in healthcare, Chris gives us an inside look into what the future has in store for all of us. These new technologies will improve patient care and work flow to allow us to be better providers for our patients.

Nathan and Chris discuss a range of topics from the potential benefits of using mobile device in patient care settings to how the Internet of Things will soon help create a connected web for better situational awareness while in a hospital.  They even dive into why companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google are all battling for a piece of the health technology market.

Learn more about what Chris and his team are doing at Zebra on their Website. Also follow or connect with Chris on LinkedIn to see more of what he is doing to transform healthcare!

Enjoy the episode!

Nathan and Chris at Zebra Technologies Headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois
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Show Notes:

  • How Chris started his career in Healthcare? [03:01]
  • Over his last 20 years, what are some lessons he has learned to achieve success in healthcare? [04:41]
  • What made Chris join Zebra Technologies and what are they working on today? [05:36]
  • Why are so many companies trying to get into healthcare space right now? [07:00]
  • What makes Zebra different? [08:27]
  • The importance of Right patient, Right care, at the Right time [09:59]
  • Advantages of having smart mobile devices in practice settings. [12:04]
  • Situational awareness [16:30]
  • What is Internet of Things (IoT)? [19:02]
  • Are their negative sides to technology integration? [22:59]
  • The IoT Community [25:28]
  • What technology is Chris excited about right now? [26:40]
  • Examples of how you can use location technology in healthcare [26:49]
  • Barriers to the success of healthcare technologies [29:26]
  • Is there a fear of dehumanizing medicine? [31:42]
  • What Chris would like to see in the headlines 10 years from now? [34:25]
  • How can Zebra help reduce prevent medical errors? [35:32]
  • Looking ahead into 2018 [36:58]
  • What would be the first thing he’ll do to create a better future of healthcare if he had all the power in the world [39:15]
  • Chris’s advice for the next future of healthcare leaders [39:46]

Significant Quotes:

  • “The world’s not lacking advanced technology for healthcare, but the world’s lacking is the effective coordination of the technology.” [09:02]
  • “Take a personal ownership in technology.” [40:19]
  • “The future is going to be more and more around the data.” [40:42]

Future Health Headline:

50% Drop in All Medical Errors


Chris on LinkedIn

Zebra Technologies Website

The IoT Community

Zebra’s 2022 Hospital Vision Study

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