020: Make Money Being Healthy, Healthcare Cryptocurrency – Chrissy Larsen

On This episode, I interview Chrissy Larsen who is the Founder and CEO of Wholicity and Why The Health Not. Currently, Chrissy is a leading pioneer into the healthcare cryptocurrency realm. We discuss how she plans to harness the power of blockchain, which is what bitcoin is built off of, to look at the wholeness of someones health and reward them for taking steps to live a healthy life.

Chrissy’s desire to empower people to live healthy lives is rooted in her incredible journey which she shares with us throughout the interview. Her entrepreneurial attitude is now inspiring her to launch Wholicity which could transform they way people live. She is even writing a book to share her journey in launching the company and we will be sure to share it with you when it comes out!

Learn more about Chrissy on LinkedIn where she loves to connect and be part of other peoples healthcare journeys, or keep up to date on the launch of Wholicity on their website.

Enjoy the podcast!

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  • Chrissy’s background and the couple of companies she’s part of [4:30]
  • Where she began to get involved in the healthcare realm [6:52]
  • Finding origins of client’s pain as the premise of her career  [9:03]
  • Her mom dying as an catalyst to create her companies [11:15]
  • What is blockchain? [15:05]
  • The reward system  works and the gasification part of Wholicity [19:03]
  • Creating a system [23:50]The big struggles she has faced [27:12]
  • Advancements that scares and excites her in the healthcare [30:22]
  • Her book and podcast [36:40]
  • How to spend your Wholicity currency [41:58]
  • What is one thing she would change in the healthcare system [43:10]
  • Where can people find out more about her? [44:22]
  • What is Chrissy’s advice to aspiring healthcare providers [44:54]

Significant Quotes:

  • “When we overwhelm our selves with stuff that doesn’t matters, our teachability index becomes low.” [21:40]
  • You have to move forward before you move to the next step. [28:24]
  • Every action you take has ripples and butterfly effects across the world. We can touch everyone now. [31:29]
  • You didn’t become an expert just to be a provider. You’re a scholar, you’re an educator. Teach, teach them how to be better. [46:34]


Wholicity website
Why The Health Not
Chrissy on LinkedIn 

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