017: Helping Patients with Chronic Illnesses – Dana Kuhn Ph.D.

In this episode, Dr. Dana Kuhn shares with us how for the past 28 years he has been helping patients and families affected by chronic illnesses. He began his career as a Presbyterian minister, but his life changed when was diagnosed with HIV. He explains in the interview how transforming circumstances inspired him to create Patient Services, Inc and dedicate his life to help people who are going through what he went through.

As President and Founder of Patient Services, Inc., which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) premium and copayment assistance foundation, Dr. Kuhn is working to not only support patients but fix current problems in our healthcare system. During the interview we discuss battles he has overcome and lessons he has learned while working with pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and the government. 

It is truly an amazing episode that dives into the importance of non-profit companies, like Patient Services, Inc, in the healthcare system.

Learn more about Patient Service, Inc. and Dr. Dana Kuhn at their website!

Enjoy the Episode!

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Show Notes:

Dr. Kuhn’s background [3:12]

How he come up with a company named PSI [12:04]

Chronic illness and the burden of their prices [14:29]

Where PSI fill the gap [16:07]

The policy changes that he’s hoping for [18:04]

The story behind a health organization not wanting to accept money [20:13]

The role of PSI going in the future [22:30]

Personal opinions about the proposals in the congress right now. [24:03]

Thoughts about pay for value model [26:34]

Health care advancements worth to be excited for [28:52]

People giving thanks [31:15]

If Dana could change anything about our healthcare and fitness space what would that be and why? [33:08]

Dana’s advice for future health professionals [34:32]

End of interview [36:09]



Patient Services, INC. Website

More information on Dr. Kuhn here

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