014: Can Single Payer Fix the US Health System? – Dr. Ed Weisbart

On this episode, I sit down with Dr. Ed Weisbart who is a Family Physician as well as the Chair of the Physicians For A National Health Program – Missouri Chapter. He is the former Chief Medical Officer of Express Scripts which initially moved him to St. Louis, but now he practices, teaches at Washington University in St. Louis, and advocates for the creation of single payer healthcare system in America.

Single Payer Health Care is an important topic being talked about now with the healthcare reform going on in Washington D.C.. Many health providers, politicians, and Americans believe that a single payer system, similar to almost all other nations in the world, would help solve the problems with our current American health system.

With Dr. Ed Weisbart today, we discuss what a single payer system would look like in the United States. Starting from the current multi-payer system we have now, how will we pivot to a single payer. What benefits and potential problems would come from an established single payer system. Also, how 25 studies support the economic viability of a single payer system in America.

This conversation is one of the most important topics we have discussed her on The Future of Healthcare. No matter what solution you support or think would work best, it is import to understand all sides and throughly discuss the pros and cons of each option.

Find more information and all the links mentioned in the podcast below including Senate Bill 1804 and House Bill 676.

Enjoy the podcast!


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Show Notes:

– Dr Weisback’s background [3:58]
– The role of the Chief Medical Officer of Express Scripts [5:10]
– Classes he teach in Washington University [6:35]
– His opinion on the topic of the Current state of our Healthcare system [8:15]
– Why is there so many uninsured Americans [11:35]
– The solution he is advocating for [13:40]
– The two big problems of Medicare [14:50]
– The solution to the fragmented way of paying for healthcare [19:00]
– What’s holding back the USA from having a single-paying system? [23:08]
– Why he thinks Medicare is terrific [28:20]
– The case of the $1000 a dose pill [33:38]

– Is healthcare a right or a privilege? [35:02]
– His opinion on healthcare being a free market [38:00]
– Is innovation being crippled if Government takes care of all expenses [41:10]
– Long waiting lines [43:12]
– The cost of this single-paying system [47:25]
– The air ambulance situation [50:50]
– The cons he thinks about this system [52:30]
– The political perspective of this [59:40]
– If Dr. Weisback could change anything about our healthcare and fitness space what would that be and why? [1:03:19]
– Dr. Weisback’s advice for future health professionals. [1:03:50]
– End of interview [1:04:40]

Significant Quotes:

“Improve medicare and make that available to everybody in the country.” [14:10]

“One solution to any complex problem is never going to solve everything with the problem.” [9:15]

Links We Mentioned:


Dr. Ed Weisbart on Linkendin

25 Economic Studies That Show the Viability of Single Payer

House Bill HR 676

Senate Bill – Medicare For All

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