002: The NFL Was Just a Stepping Stone – Dr. Samkon Gado

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In this episode I sit down with Dr. Samkon Gado to talk about his journey in Medicine. Entering his gap year between college and medical school he had the opportunity to enter the NFL and was

eventually signed by the packers. That is one hell of a way to spend a gap year! After six seasons, Samkon returned to his pursuit of becoming a physician.

Now in his 3rd year of residency, Dr. Gado is working hard to one day make a global impact. It was very interesting being able to hear from Dr. Gado about how he feels his career in the NFL has transferred over to his current career in medicine. During our conversation we dive deeply into the importance of recognizing not only the physical presence of a patient but their spiritual side as well and how the Lord God plays into our lives.  I had a great time sitting down with Dr. Gado and I hope that you all gain value from the experiences he shares as well.

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Show Notes:

• Interview starts. [01:10]

• Currently an ENT Resident at Saint Louis University Hospital [01:43]

• Born and Raised in Nigeria in 1982 to his two God fearing and loving parents. Then moved to the US in 1991 at age 9.[02:30]

• Got a scholarship to Liberty University in Virginia out of high school to play football. It was during that time he got the bug to go to medical school. [03:25]

• What made Samkon decide to go to the NFL and not pursue medical school right away? [04:25]

• Career Started with the Packers. [06:00]

• Why and how he pursued his passion for medicine during his career. [06:30]

• After 6 years in the NFL what was the turning point to go back to Medical School? [08:40]

• The NFL was just a stepping stone. [09:35]

• Lessons Learned from the NFL [09:55] – [12:40]

• His spirituality and faith has colored every part of his career. [13:00]

• He now aspires to possibly go back and serve in Nigeria at some point in his career and will be spending a month there in January. [15:00]

• What role do physicians in the United States play in Global Health? [16:00]

• How Dr. Gado feels that we are preparing the next generation of health professionals. [18:10]

• The Evolution that Dr. Gado sees in healthcare with gene and immunotherapy and how it can be used to treat cancer. [24:25]

• How he and his wife met and why he considers his wife his greatest crowing achievement in his life. [26:10]

• The Spiritual leg and the physical leg of healthcare and one of them is weaker than the other. [32:00]

• If he could change one thing about the healthcare system what would it be and why? [33:25]

• Advice to the future healthcare professionals! [35:47]


Significant quotes:

“I didn’t think I was destined to be in the National Football League” 10:10

“Im a firm believer that God gives you opportunities.” 10:22

“The type of person you are becoming, the impact you leave on people, that really determines the opportunities that you get.” 10:45

“In healthcare, when you are dealing with lives, trying hard doesn’t cut it.” 11:55

“When you see a man live a life as he did it is hard not to be affected, be colored by that, and be motivated by that in every facet of live.” 14:04

“Empathy can’t be broken down and achieved via a scientific method. I think you have to put yourself into someones shoes to be truly empathetic. How do we teach someone to do that if we don’t give full credence that these are spiritual beings as much as they are physical.” 20:27

“My Wife is my greatest crowing achievement in life.” 26:25

“You are a human being and you offer so much more than book knowledge.” 38:55


Links Mentioned:
TD run when he played for the St. Louis Rams – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAAveRlusXU



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