034: Uniting Our Global Village – Dr. Frederick Ochieng

On this episode, Dr. Frederick Ochieng shares with us his life journey and how he is making an impact around the world. Fred currently is a Cardiovascular Medicine Fellow at Saint Louis University and Co-founder of the Lwala Community Alliance. In 2007, while still in college, Fred and his brother Milton opened up the first health clinic in their home village of Lwala, Kenya in 2007, and 10 years later they are having a life giving impact. 

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Fred Ocheing’ is the third born of Margaret and Erastus Ochieng’s six children born in Lwala. He attended Alliance High School in Kikuyu, Kenya (just outside Nairobi) and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2005. He graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in May 2010 and completed residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at VUMC in 2015.

He is currently pursuing a cardiovascular medicine fellowship training at St. Louis University in Missouri. Family, faith, community support, and his friends in Kenya and abroad have helped him immensely in dealing with the painful loss of his parents. He and his brother, Milton Ochieng’, founded the Lwala Community Alliance and built the Ochieng’ Memorial Lwala Community Health Center to honor their parents who died of AIDS.

Throughout this episode we dive into Fred’s journey and what the future holds for him!

To learn more about Fred and the Lwala Community Alliance, check out their WEBSITE or connect with Fred on LinkedIn

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Show notes

  • Interview begins [03:30]
  • What brought Fred to St. Louis? [03:41]
  • Living and growing up in Kenya. [05:06]
  • Fred’s transition from Kenya to Dartmouth College [14:30]
  • How Fred and his brother started the first clinic in their village [18:37]
  • The stories that motivated Fred and Milton to act [20:00]
  • Getting funds and support for their mission to open the clinic [25:00]
  • The Clinic opened in April 2007 with 10 rooms and less than 10 employees. [28:27]
  • Improving health and education for women [30:20]
  • WASH soccer tournament [35:00]
  • Is it important for problems to be solved by the local community. [45:00]
  • The lessons they have learned [47:06]
  • The role that God played in everything that he has done [49:45]
  • The one thing that he’ll change in the future of healthcare if he had all the power in the world [54:28]
  • Words of advice for the next generation of healthcare leaders [56:44]

Significant Quotes

  • “I think you just have to be willing to listen to the community.” [45:43]
  • “You have to grow with the community. They have to come alongside you.” [45:54]
  • “Sometimes you have to slow down the people you are partnering with.” [49:08]
  • “The golden rule trying to treat others just as well as you’d hope to be treated.” [50:41]
  • “It takes a village to raise a child.” [58:16]
  • “Partnerships are going to be key.” [59:12]


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