039: Creating Transparency in Healthcare – G.T. LaBorde

On this episode, G.T. LaBorde joins us to discuss how he is helping bring transparency in healthcare to improve care of patients. G.T. is a serial entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Illumicare. Illumicare has created a platform that can be integrated with EMR to combine numerous pieces of data to help patients and care providers make the best decision quickly.

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Throughout this episode Nathan and G.T. discuss many of G.T.’s ventures and his background. We dive into how he went from being a lawyer to CEO of a healthcare technology company. He is a brilliant man with a great story that we know you will love.

To learn more about G.T. and Illumicare go to their website Illumicare.com!

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Show notes:

  • Interview Begins [04:00]
  • How G.T. got to where he is today [04:47]
  • Creating his first startup. [05:49]
  • Having a law background helped him in the entrepreneurial pursuits that he took on over the years. [06:24]
  • Things he learned from his past experiences that helped him [07:22]
  • His current venture with IllumiCare and what they’re trying to do in the healthcare space. [09:03]
  • Challenges/successes at IllumiCare [17:39]
  • What is next for IllumiCare? [21:54]
  • G.T.’s biggest impression at the HIMSS 2018 [27:41]
  • Things that’s exciting G.T. right now with IllumiCare [30:55]
  • The headline he hopes to see in the next 5 to 10 years from now [36:45]
  • The thing he would do to create a better future of healthcare if he had all the power in the world [38:03]
  • Why it’s so difficult to get price transparency [38:42]
  • Words of advice for the next generation of healthcare leaders [40:57]

Significant Quotes:

  • “Like poker, you can start with the best hand and still lose you shirt.” [07:49]
  • “It certainly just isn’t just you, you’re only in control with so many things. So don’t get full of yourself if you have a success and don’t get so down on yourself if you have a failure.” [08:32]
  • “Good ideas could be anywhere.” [27:06]
  • “Nobody ever makes big change happen by themselves.” [41:17]


Illumicare’s website Illumicare.com!


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