024: The Next Generation of Healthcare Disruptors – Gregg Khodorov, MBA

On this episode, Gregg Khodorov and I discuss the evolving healthcare space and how the next generation of health leaders are preparing to make an impact.

Gregg is a second year medical school student at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as well as the Co-President of BEN, which is Rutgers Biomedical Entrepreneurial Network.

After his undergrad, Gregg received his MBA from Rutgers prior to starting is medical school studies. Along with that background, Gregg has had numerous influential experiences which we dive into during the episode including his time at Pfizer and his research into mHealth. Gregg was selected to present his research abstract at the Society of Behavioral Medicine in 2018.

Throughout the episode, we discuss how BEN is focused on developing healthcare disruptors and innovation through collaboration and education. Gregg explains how BEN drew him to attend Rutgers and how it helps foster development and collaboration beyond the medical school classrooms. With a quickly evolving healthcare landscape it is important to continue to learn and innovate to prepare the next generation of health leaders.

To learn more, connect with Gregg Khodorov on Twitter or LinkendIn, or check out BEN’s website.

Enjoy the episode!

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  • Interview begins with Gregg Khodorov[4:00]
  • Gregg’s background and early upbringing and being a first generation American. [05:00]
  • What drove Gregg to the medical route? [06:48]
  • Gregg’s educational background. [07:40]
  • What led Gregg to the decision of to get his MBA? [09:00]
  • The benefits of having MBA in the medical setting. [11:15]
  • What is BEN, Rutgers Biomedical Entrepreneurial Network? [12:32]
  • How BEN is educating the people to be healthcare disruptors. [14:18]
  • Gregg found his place in BEN [16:18]
  • Gregg’s experience in Pfizer and what he learned from that. [18:11]
  • What Gregg realized that changed his view in pharmaceutical industry? [19:57]
  • Pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to respond to criticism. [20:45]
  • Acknowledging the bigger issue at hand. [24:30]
  • Other experiences that changed Gregg’s outlook on medicine. [24:42]
  • The Hayes database [28:13]
  • Gregg’s thoughts on companies like 23andMe. [29:17]
  • Gregg’s thoughts on Healthcare apps. [30:49]
  • The value of getting his medical degree has with his future plans [38:20]
  • The reason behind his massive statement of changing millions of patients at a time. [40:00]
  • End of the interview. [59:00]

Significant Quotes:

  • “I haven’t stopped being curious.” [8:18]
  • “Our main goal is to open the minds of the people in academia to the industry they are surrounded by.” [10:21]
  • “If you haven’t considered the other side then you can’t have a full opinion on the matter.” [19:12]
  • “You can actively change things as long as you change your frame of thinking to be more flexible to different innovations and modalities.” [11:33]


Gregg on Twitter

Gregg on LinkendIn

BEN’s website.

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