Healthcare Reform Will NOT Save Your Life

Once again…

the GOP’s attempt to force a skeletonized repeal and replace of Obamcare has been squashed. Many are cheering on this failure as a possible inch towards a Medicare for All model (talked about in Podcast #014). Others are upset by the realization that their deductibles and co-pays will continue to increase if nothing is done quickly.

Watching the actions taken and emotions expressed when it comes to talking about healthcare reform is fascinating. Just this week protestors ERUPTING into the obamacare repeal hearings shouting “SHAME!” and “No cuts to Medicaid, save our Liberty!”

It is important to pay attention to why people respond so strongly to these possible changes. They feel as though their ability of wellbeing is depended on the government programs of medicare and medicaid. In some situations that may be true. For the overwhelming majority, that is completely false.


A persons health and wellness is not depended on the healthcare system. There are main three pillars that affect your health. 1.) Your biology and the daily decisions you make that interact with your biology. 2.) The environment that you live in which includes ability to have access to food, shelter, etc. 3.) The health services and knowledge that you have access to.

The most influential of these is #1. No healthcare reform or institution will ever have more effect on your health than the biology and daily choices you make. Benjamin P Hardy in his article for Thrive Global wrote:

“Human beings are holistic. When you change a part of any system you simultaneously change the whole. You can’t change a part without fundamentally changing everything.” – Benjamin P. Hardy

The fact is almost everyone in the United States today has the ability to access information on how to live a healthy life, but more often then not we do not do that. WHY? The reality is that it is harder to be healthy in America than it is to be unhealthy. We have created environments that nurture an unhealthy lifestyle.


Steve Downs says it beautifully in his article It’s Time to Build Health Into the OS,


“It would mean creating environments where healthy choices are the easy choices. And not just the easy choices, but the desirable choices, even the defaults. It would mean building a culture where people don’t have to think consciously about being healthy, but rather being healthy is a natural consequence of going about your day.”

It will require a shift in the way we live all our lives. Small actions by thousands of people can move this mountain of a task in the right direction. Healthcare reform may be part of that mountain but it is a waste thinking that it will save your life.

If we work together to create a world where it is easier to be healthier than it is to be unhealthy, one day will we see a better and brighter Future of Healthcare!

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