016: Women Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Medicine – Heather Havenwood

On this Episode, Heather Havenwood shares her experiences as a women entrepreneur and marketing expertise and how they influence healthcare. Truly an amazing episode where Heather dives deep into her personal experiences from being a pre-med student to her own difficult situations while dealing with health problems.

Heather is the CEO of Heather Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss, is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies and  marketing. She was also recognized by Huffington Post™ as one of the ‘Top 50-Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs’.

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Enjoy the Episode!

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Show Notes:

– Heather’s background as a successful online marketer [3:05]
– The story behind her switch from pre-med to becoming an entrepreneur [3:40]
– An unsolicited advice that changed her life [6:23]
– Drug companies and their marketing restrictions online [9:30]
– Hurdles and trends in advertising and marketing healthcare [12:20]
– Being a woman entrepreneur in the healthcare space space [18:00]
– Biggest mistake she made [22:00]
– Building rapport and building trust with co-workers [25:18]
– A quote and a book that she live by [27:48]
– What’s next for Heather? [29:50]
– Where can people find Heather? [30:58]
– If Heather could change anything about our current healthcare system, what would that be and why? [32:05]
– Heather’s advice for future health professionals. [44:20]

Significant Quotes:

“When we are in clarity, we have strength. When we have strength, we can have momentum, and when we have momentum, we can prosper.” [28:10]

“Sometimes health professionals are not getting people to health, they’re just dealing with where they are now.” [35:12]

“Once you put that label on somebody, it’s for life!” [42:18]
We need to start answering the tough questions when it comes to caring for people. [43:00]

“Your patients are real people, they’re going through real stuff and they’re not just a client.” [44:50]


Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

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