029: Solving our Sugar Problem – Dr. Jim Surrell

On This Episode, Dr. Jim Surrell joins us to discuss how we can solve the sugar and obesity problems in America. Doc is a board-certified colorectal surgeon with over 20 years of practicing experience. His interests in nutrition and weight loss led him to write the SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet, which is an incredible resource to learn how to become healthier by limiting the amount of sugar we eat.

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Throughout the episode we explore the effects of sugar on our bodies and how it has created many of the health problems we see today. Dr. Jim shares stories from his career and the transformations he has seen from the SOS Diet. We also discuss how, as a society, we can begin to reduce the amount of sugar we intake.

Doc and Nathan also discuss The M.I.S.S Concept which is the foundation to making effective lifestyle changes. We also dive into healthcare and tort reform that Doc feels could improve our healthcare system and promote individual responsibility. As he mentions when you point a finger at someone you always have three fingers pointing back at you!

Learn more about Dr. Jim Surrell at his website (SOSDietbook.com). Check out the book on Amazon to begin you sugar transformation today! Also feel free to contact Doc with your questions at his email sosdietdoc@gmail.com.

Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Interview begins [4:25]
  • Doc’s background [5:09]
  • What inspired him to become a colorectal surgeon? [7:04]
  • His thoughts on the increased focus of the microbiome [9:01]
  • Why do we consume so much sugar in the US? [10:47]
  • How can people make a healthy lifestyle change in the New Year? [15:48]
  • The M.I.S.S. Concept [16:30]
  • How we store sugar in our bodies. [20:41]
  • The role that sugar plays in issues that affect the healthcare system [23:02]
  • The influence of the sugar industry [30:26]
  • Stevia: natural sweet tasting plant product [30:54]
  • Dr. Jim’s thoughts on how to reform the healthcare system in the United States [35:15]
  • One of the big things that affects healthcare today [36:25]
  • Doc’s thoughts on Low-fat diets [43:58]
  • The headline he hopes to see in the next 5 to 10 years [48:37]
  • The thing in health that excites Dr. Jim right now [50:00]
  • Some things that Doc is excited about in the new year [51:19]
  • What would Dr. Jim do first to create a better future for healthcare if he had all the power in the world? [54:31]
  • Words of advice for the next generation of healthcare leaders [55:35]

Significant Quotes:

  • “We live by choice, not by chance.” [9:25]
  • “Any diet that you will follow is gotta be a simple lifestyle change.” [16:34]
  • “You have to become a label reading detective.” [18:34]
  • “You are responsible for your healthcare.” [50:24]
  • “Every choice we make will have consequences.” [54:51]
  • “The only bad question is the question that you don’t ask.” [56:44]

Doc’s Future Health Headlines

Stevia Replaces Sugar as the Product of the Year
Obesity Down to Record Lows!


Dr. Jim’s website SOSDietbook.com

The SOS Diet book on Amazon

Contact Doc through Email at sosdietdoc@gmail.com

The M.I.S.S Concept

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