009: Get Out of Your Own Way – Jodie Baudek

On this podcast I sit down with Jodie Baudek who is motivational speaker, inspirational author, and founder of Essence of Life Studios. We dive deep into the space of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness and how they can help many issues we are facing in healthcare.

One of the biggest topics talked about in healthcare today is Mental Health. One aspect of the problem is how there has been a lack of attention to mental health not just in the patients which we treat but also in all of the providers themselves. While discussing with Jodie about her experiences and expertise, she explains how reconnecting with yourself through yoga and meditation are crucial for  laying the foundation for a bountiful life and ultimately having the true impact you strive to have in this world.

Jodie also shares with us about her show Dr. Jim and Jodie which she co-hosts with Dr. Jim Lopez , as well as the two books she has written, Pssst Wanna Get out of Your Own Way? and her newest book Pssst… It Worked!.  Her show and books are true representations of how Jodie is working to make an impact in this world by helping people figure out how to achieve what the desire in life.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and you can find more links and info below!

Check out the video version of the Podcast with Jodie Baudek Here!
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Show Notes:

• Podcast Starts [02:35]

• How did Jodie Baudek get her start? [03:50]

• Judo and Karate taught her. [04:15]

• What is the bullying mindset? [04:55]

• Is there a mindfulness movement happening? [07:40]

• The importance of daily exercise to stay young like Cher. [11:35]

• Meditation can be exercise. [12:30]

• The importance of focusing on you and how things around you affect your mindset. [13:50]

• Where is Jodie moving towards and working on now? [14:35]

• Jodie’s New BOOK! [15:50] • What did she learn during her writing process? [16:25]

• How did Dr. Jim and Jodie got started? [17:55]

• Yoga, Meditation, self awareness is preventative medicine. [20:35]

The PHIT ACT [22:35]

• How technology and new research is transforming the mindfulness and self-awareness space. [27:40]

• Your exercise and meditation is refueling you. [31:15]

• Saying yes to you is sometimes more important than saying yes to other people. [35:05]

• Is there a client that Jodie has worked with that has changed the way she looks at what she does?[37:45]

• Set your intentions list to live more purposefully. [44:35]

• How to get out of your own way. [46:35]

• I confess my struggles with going to the gym consistently. [47:35]

• What would some advice to people thinking about starting to meditate? [50:00]

• The 4 agreements: Don’t take anything personally. Always be impeccable to your word. Always do your best. Never assume. [51:15]

• Jodie’s experience at Opera’s Super Soul Sessions. [55:35]

• She convinces me that I am going to write a book. [58:35]

• Advice Jodie would give to those future health professionals and people looking for a higher level of health. [1:02:40]

Significant quotes:

“You don’t realize who you are touching with your words.” 09:45

“What are you grateful for? Whats a goal you have? What is something that you like about yourself?” 15:00

“Your meditation, your exercise, and all that is refueling so that you can be the best version of yourself.” 30:25

“So often we are searching for someone to fulfill, everything you need is right inside of you.” 32:50

“There is such a freedom to commitment.” 1:00:40

Links Mentioned:

Jodie’s Books:

Pssst… It Worked!

Psst Wanna Get out of Your Own Way?

Dr. Jim and Jodie Show:

Dr. Jim and Jodie

Essence of Life Studios:




The 4 Agreements

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