003: Baby Boomers, Artificial Intelligence, and Much More – Dr. John Morley

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Dr. John Morley is a renowned Geriatrician. His Medical career started when he went to medical school and residency in Johannesburg, South Africa. From there he came to the United states and has been involved in all facets of the healthcare space from research, education, and clinical practice.

In this interview we talked all about if our healthcare system is ready for the second wave from the baby boomers. With the youngest baby boomers in their early 50s, more and more of them are reaching retirement age and ages where they require more healthcare. With a shortage of geriatricians and medical resources will we be prepared? Dr. Morley and I dissect this question and he gives deep insight into many medical and educational advancements that will change the landscape of healthcare for years to come.

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Show Notes:

• Interview Starts [01:10]

• Dr. John Morley went to Medical School and Residency in South Africa before coming to UCLA, where he ran a geriatric research center. [01:40]

• His first step into research was in cannabis and he has even gone to the World Health Organization to speak on cannabis. First 3.  142/144 used cannabis. [04:20]

• Published 40 papers before he finished his residency. [04:55]

• Continues to do research in Dementia and alzheimer’s and created the St. Louis University Mental Status exam. Has even been part of research that shows to be able to reverse the signs of alzheimer’s in animals. [06:00]

• Does everything from running a geriatric program, seeing patients, helping with a grant program, and educating medical students. [07:40]

• The treatable causes of dementia. Lawyer story.  [11:40]

• People always seem to remember when things go wrong. Wheel chair story. [14:30]

• Why it is a problem to give directions to older patients. [15:55]

• Does he think we are doing a good job when it comes to medicine for the older population? [17:50]

• George day explanation, path a textbook of geriatrics.  [18:05]

• How he got a patient down from 26 medications down to one. Because comfort in the end of life is sometimes more important. [19:30]

• Why does he dance with his patients? [20:44]

• How will the baby boomer generation affect our health care system as they continue to get older? [22:10]

• 7000 in 1988 to 3500 geriatricians now and why is that?[23:00]

• How he knew while in Africa and considered being a missionery he saw that computers could do everything that doctors were doing. And this was 40 years ago.[27:20]

• In the end technology needs to meet with physicians and help change the type of care we are giving[28:10]

• Technology connected nursing home and robots at home.[29:40]

• All of these new technology advances that are changing healthcare [31:10]

• EKG Machine on his phone [33:10]

• Does Dr. Morley believe that we are preparing the next generation of health providers in the right way? [35:10]

• Physical Therapy Skype Machine. [37:25]

• Why Medical students and doctors do not use social media properly [39:10]

• Why patient advocates are important [44:10]

• If he had the power what would he do to change our healthcare system? [47:10]

• What advice would you give our future health professionals. [48:55]


Significant quotes:

“I became a world expert on cannabis when I was a medical student.” 04:51
“If you are going to do research and learn something doing it, find something you are passionate about. So my first three papers were on cannabis use. ” 4:10
“Old people are different from middle age and young people and it is a totally different understanding.” 16:30
“When you can’t think, you are going to make mistakes taking your medicine. When you make mistakes taking your medicine that will make you worse and not better.” 17:32
“In Geriatrics we treat syndrome and try and cut down on medicines because we are very aware of the side affects of medicines.” 18:58
“When you add AI we may not need physicians at all” 27:00
“If you go to the hospital, you have to have someone that goes with you as a champion, stands by your side, and argues every time someone comes in to do something to you.” 43:55
“It is a reality in life that cro magnon man, neanderthal man, and spaceman. There is only one absolute; 100% of them have died or are going to die.” 45:50
A Bunch of good quotes at the end

Links Mentioned:

Tiger Place in Columbia he referenced

Connect with Dr. Morley on social media: twitter, Personal Twitter, linkedin

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