006: Wellness and Community Through CrossFit – Josh Newton

Video of the Podcast with Josh

In this episode I sit down with Josh Newton who is the Health and Wellness Director at Kirby Medical Center and CrossFit KMC.  CrossFit KMC was one of the first CrossFit affiliates to be built on a medical campus. We dive into how that relationship has allowed Josh to help create community focused wellness through the philosophy of CrossFit. The need to start pushing our healthcare system from a prescriptive ideology to a preventative one is becoming more and more obvious, and Josh and I describe some of the challenges faced when working towards creating that cultural shift.

Enjoy the Episode!

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Show Notes:

• Podcast Starts [01:30]

• Josh is the Health and wellness Director at Kirby Medical Center. [01:40]

• He got involved with crossfire during college when he was interested in being a strength and conditioning coach. During his senior year he was exposed to CrossFit and since then he was hooked! [02:20]

• How did his background in sports and in particular football have on his life. [05:00] • Diving into what CrossFit KMC is. [06:00]

• How did CrossFit KMC come to be? Why did they decide to build a crossfire facility on the campus of a medical center. [07:55]

• Why is crossFit a good fit to be partnered with a hospital compared to other type of fitness facilities? [10:15]

• We dig into CrossFit and the philosophy behind it. It focuses on varied, intense functional movement and revolves around a community aspect. [12:30]

• Lots of these diseases that people have are well within their control to start moving the needle to a healthier life. [16:45]

• What has Josh’s experience been like as the wellness director at Kirby Medical Center. [18:40]

• How does promoting wellness initiates at the hospital end up affecting the community which it serves? [22:50]

• Does Josh see the healthcare system switching from a prescriptive to a preventative system? [24:10]

• Leaders must be bought into the system in order to effectively implement change. It must come from the top down to instill a sense of wellness in a community or business. [24:30]

• We dive into Josh’s thoughts on The Fittest on Earth and the CrossFit Games. [26:10]

• How CrossFit can be used to restore function and prevent degeneration in older age. [33:30]

• If people are interested in getting involved with CrossFit what would be your advice for them? [37:45]

• Where does Josh see his CrossFit KMC and his passions from here going? [40:00]

• We are in big trouble here in the United States. [44:00]

• Blue Zones and how intentional movements is important to longevity. [46:20]

• What happens when people are over indicted with information that is conflicting on how to live a healthy life.  [48:15]

• Health centers need to start getting involved with life style change. [52:45]

• If Josh could change one thing about our healthcare system what would that be and why?[54:40]

• What do you say to someone who rejects the notion that taking on personal responsibility for your health is one of the most imporant changes we need to make in our health system. [57:30]

• Josh’s advice for Future health professionals out there. [1:01:20]

Significant quotes:

“Healthcare employees are a tough cookie to crack sometimes.” 18:45

“If leaders are not bought into the systems and they are not the ones that have the pull to impact decisions then I don’t think it is going to happen ” 25:10

“For me it is all about that personal responsibility. If people do not want to pay those high healthcare costs, then they need to take some responsibility in their health and focus on health and lifestyle changes.” 55:00

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