038: Revolutionizing Surgery with VR – Justin Barad, MD

Justin Barad, MD joins us to talk about how he and his team at Osso VR are working to transform surgery through the use of virtual reality . Dr. Barad is a practicing pediatric orthopaedic surgeon with a bioengineering degree from UC Berkeley, and an MD from UCLA. He completed his residency at UCLA and his fellowship in pediatric orthopaedics at Haravard and Boston Children’s Hospital.

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On this episode, Justin and Nathan discuss the current state of orthapedic surgery and how VR is a key tool to solving many of the problems we have today. Justin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Osso VR is the leading, validated virtual reality surgical training platform designed for surgeons, sales teams, and hospital staff of all skill levels.

Just shares how at an early age he was interested in video game development, which led to a journey to pursue going medical school. During his training, Justin saw that there was a training gap being created between what surgeons needed to learn and what they had time to learn. That is where the idea for Osso VR was created. Now Justin and his team are transforming surgical training!

Learn more about Osso VR at their website (ossovr.com). Connect with Justin on LinkedIn, Twitter, or via email at Justin@ossovr.com

Osso VR in Action!

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Show notes:

  • Interview begins with Justin Barad. [03:50]
  • Where Justin’s journey began. [04:04]
  • What the decision was like for him when he talked to his mentor? [05:59]
  • What prompted him to study in UCLA? [07:13]
  • How Justin fostered his passion while in medical school. [09:31]
  • Starting Osso VR and the early days. [13:13]
  • The Balanced Budget Act of 1997. [15:52]
  • The problem Osso VR is working to fix. [19:21]
  • What VR is and what they have created. [22:56]
  • His opinion/thoughts on the future of VR in medicine. [24:49]
  • Haptic feedback in VR. [29:30]
  • Next steps for Justin and Osso VR. [35:20]
  • His thoughts on the future of robotics in surgery. [37:39]
  • Other areas that excite Justin right now. [40:51]
  • Will Justin back to video game development? [43:22]
  • Where to contact Justin and learn about Osso VR. [44:57]
  • The headline that he hopes to see in the next 5 to 10 years [46:21]
  • What he’ll do to create a better future of healthcare if he had all the power in the world [46:52]
  • Advice for the next generation of healthcare leaders [48:51]
  • End of the interview [50:05]

Significant Quotes:

  • “At this point in your life you need to be finding problems and the best way to do that in the medical world is to be a physician.” [05:27]
  • “The amount we have to learn is constantly growing. There’s always new knowledge, new procedures, new technologies yet the time we have is getting smaller.” [14:47]
  • “… but it starts with the problem, that’s the birth of the invention.” [28:19]
  • “No one person is going to solve them all.” [45:38]
  • “Have a bias for action, always keep going forward. [48:52]
  • “If you’re really committed to helping people there’s always a way to do it.” [49:02]
  • “No one can tell you that you are now qualified to invent something or create something or start a company.” [49:07]
  • “The only way it’s gonna work is if you tap yourself, stand up and say, ‘I have had enough of this status quo, I’m gonna do something about it. It might not work but it will be progress and that itself is worth it’.” [49:24]

Future Health Headline:

The Average Yearly Traffic Fatalities Drop Below 1,000


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The Balanced Budget Act of 1997

Haptic feedback in VR video

Osso VR website (ossovr.com)

Justin on LinkedIn, Twitter

Email at Justin@ossovr.com

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