035: How MS Changed My Life – Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe joins us today to discuss how we can achieve exceptional health and empower our patients to do the same. Matt is the Founder of Purposeful Reality, speaking, coaching and leading great people to heal, with food. After recovering from a paralyzed leg, healing TIA’s, and now healing MS, Matt is on a mission to teach, guide, and empower people with food.

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Throughout the episode, Matt and Nathan dive into how nutrition and lifestyle are the focal point of healing. Matt has a background in psychology, entrepreneurship, and is now reversing his MS using nutrition, mindfulness, and exercise. All these experiences lead to a valuable episode that Nathan notes as his favorite podcast to date.

Matt Rowe was awarded one of the top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals in Colorado and has been quoted in Harvard Business Review magazine. Learn more about Matt at his website, Purposeful Reality, or on his Facebook Page.

Matt will also be speaking at an upcoming Tedx event and launching his own podcast! We will be sure to update this page when those both arrive!

Enjoy the Episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Interview Begins [3:00]
  • Matt’s background [03:23]
  • What is Purposeful Reality? [03:28]
  • How he got to where he is now [03:52]
  • Actions he took his mini stroke symptoms occurred [07:55]
  • What influenced him to help other people? [09:04]
  • What is the primary progression of MS? [12:19]
  • His initial reaction when he was told he had MS [15:17]
  • Steps he took (and things he learned) in the last 8 months [16:09]
  • The thing he’ll be doing for the rest of his life [22:48]
  • Women put 108 different chemicals on their skin before they have their first cup of coffee. [25:38]
  • The problem with our water [27:30]
  • The environment of our food [28:06]
  • Denver – The epicenter of MS / More MS patients in Denver than anywhere in the world [35:38]
  • Turning the body into a science experiment [38:17]
  • 11 things he learned after his MS diagnosis [40:41]
    – Patience
    – Living in the present
    – Knowing that I am enough
    – Confidence in who I am
    – Balance
    – Listening
    – Meditation
    – My purpose and passion
    – Ability to receive help
    – Slowing down
    – Finding joy
  • First steps/actions he would encourage people to do in order to have some of the success that he had [42:16]
  • The Celery Juice [43:24]
  • If you have an upset stomach [44:28]
  • What is the next step in Matt’s journey? [45:19]
  • The headline he wants to see in 5 to 10 years. [53:34]
  • What he would do to create a better future for healthcare if he had all the powers in the world? [53:57]

Significant Quotes:

  • “Stress is not always bad. But long-term unmeditated stress will kill you.” [16:57]
  • “Soil health equals human health.” [24:53]
  • “If we’re killing our vegetables, we’re essentially eating dead food.” [30:43]
  • “The bacteria in your body outnumbers your cells 10 to 1.” [35:05]
  • “Instead of waiting for science to come around and the data to come around, I looked at everything that wasn’t gonna harm me long term.” [38:33]
  • “Joy is the parameter in all of us.” [41:33]
  • “If you wanna start improving how you feel better, improve you digestion.” [42:42]
  • “Your farmers today should be health care heroes.” [50:41]
  • “Never stop learning.” [54:49]

Future Healthcare Headline:

How and What We Eat Matters


Purposeful Reality Website

Matt’s Facebook Page



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