007: Genetics Will Change the World – Matthew Bailey

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On this episode I sit down with Matthew Bailey who is a 5th year bioinformatics graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis and is currently focusing on cancer genetics research. He is also a great mentor of mine and was one of my inspirations for finding a true passion for research and data science. Matt is truly a brilliant mind and is going to be making big splashes in the healthcare space and we had the unique opportunity to hear about where he sees genetic research is currently at and where it can go in the future.

Picture taken by Matthew Wyczalkowski

Apart from the genetics, we talk about what it is like to be in a competitive academic research environment and how that helps push research forward and how people interested can navigate this landscape. Matt even gives us some insight into some future research topics which he hopes to explore so that is what I hope to discuss the next time we have Matt on the podcast.

You all will truly enjoy this podcast so enjoy and check out http://dinglab.wustl.edu/ for more information about the work that Matt is working on at Ding Lab.

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Show Notes:

• Podcast Starts![02:15]

• Where Matt Began his academic career. [03:15]

• At BYU Matt thought about going to medical school which started his sights into research. [03:35]

• Went all the way to Park City Utah to get his first research position. [03:40]

• Matthew’s advice to people looking to get involved in research. [06:00]

• We talk about the competitive side of academia. [07:15]

• What is bioinformatics? [08:45]

• HotSpot3D and the amazing magic that it brings to genetics. [10:15]

• The Global mission behind the work that Matthew is doing now. [14:00]

• How important is it for future health professionals to invest the time into reading the latest research?[16:45]

• Where does Bailey see the field of genetics and clinical research going in the future? [20:45]

• What is Matthew looking into now in his current research? [22:40]

• Is personalized medicine personalized or modular? [27:45]

• What would Matthew change in our healthcare system if he had the power to do anything? [33:30]

• We have an innate humane desire to understand our world which is the root cause of so much research. [34:15]

• Do we think that our genetic code will be part of our medical record in the future? [37:20]

• What is one piece of advice Bailey would give to the future health professionals out there? [39:15]


Significant quotes:

“Don’t be afraid to work for cokes. Just getting that foot in the door is a really big deal” 05:30

“If you are just always reading and trying to understand the process before you get started, that would be horrible advice from me.” 17:30

“The Best projects rarely come from a single individual… It takes a whole kingdom to build an empire.” 19:15

“I trusts peoples regrets more than I trust their advice because there is some sort of hindsight.” 39:45

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