037: The Psychology of Our Technology – Max Stossel

Max Stossel joins us to discuss how we need to focus on designing technology that humanity’s best interest in mind. Max is an award winning poet and filmmaker, as well as one of the leaders of the Center for Humane Technology. He has won two Webby Awards, multiple film festivals, and influences the way digital media organizations tell their stories!

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In this episode Nathan and Max discuss how technology and social media are using our biology and psychology to drive us to action. Because of how these companies are structured, many of them are not working for the best interest of humans. Max believes that we have the power to change that and use the power of technology and social media to achieve a higher level of health and life fulfillment.

We dive into Max’s background as a media strategist for Budweiser and working along side Gary Vaynerchuk. Through these experiences he realized the power of messaging and media and now funnels his talents through his poetry.

It is a very insightful discussion into the future of technology and how we need to take hold of its influence on us today!

Learn more about Max on his media platforms: His website, YouTube Channel, and Twitter.

Check out the Center for Humane Technology’s website to see how you can take action today!

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Max’s video “This Panda Is Dancing – Time Well Spent”

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  • Interview Begins [04:45]
  • Why is Max in Australia now? [05:23]
  • Some details of the poetry film that Max is doing [05:36]
  • How he got into poetry and everything that he’s doing today. [09:30]
  • The Center for Humane Technology [10:45]
  • What Max learned from all his experiences that shaped his poetry and story-telling. [14:50]
  • Using poetry as a tool to not use extremist marketing tactics [17:00]
  • Losing a sense of shared truth through social media [18:00]
  • AmazonGo store video-taped every action you make to know what you’re picking up [25:39]
  • How they educate and encourage people to work towards better technology implementation.[26:38]
  • Will companies that act with their customers best interest in mind win in the end?[29:33]
  • Talking about the stand of Unilever ads on social media. [32:14]
  • Steps people can take to regain control on their technology. [35:17]
  • MAx’s insights into the future of technology [39:52]
  • How to influence people to delay gratification [46:21]
  • The level of “How are you feeling?” versus engaging levels of measurement. [50:21]
  • The first thing he would do to create a better future of healthcare if he had the power in the world [51:10]
  • Advice for the next generation of healthcare leaders. [53:17]

Significant Quotes:

  • “I felt like I was watching everyone I knew lose their minds… lose the sense of shared truth.” [17:30]
  • “Why do we want all their technology if it’s not actually being used to help people?” [26:19]
  • “Do not ignore the elephant in the room.” [53:18]


Max’s Website, YouTube Channel, and Twitter.

The Center for Humane Technology

Our Private Facebook Group


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