WW 013: Modesty in Medicine – Michael Scott Lasky

On this episode, Michael Scott Lasky joins Nathan to discuss the importance of modesty and interprofessionalism in medicine. Michael is a first year medical student at Missouri University School of Medicine and is also the founder of an organization called Modesty in Medicine.

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Throughout this Whatever Wednesday episode we dive into the difficulties we have encountered as young health professionals in the workplace. We touch on the biases people have towards different providers and the MD v. DO dilemma many pre-med students face.

Scott shares how his early health battles with being a liver transplant recipient and a cancer survivor shaped his perspective on medicine. How have his perspectives changed throughout the years and now that he is in medical school becoming a physician? Listen to the episode to find out!

Learn more about Michael and Modesty in Medicine at their Facebook page and on Twitter or email them at modestyinmedicine@gmail.com

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