WW 004: The Power of Nurses – Moira McSteen

Nurses are the corner stone of so much of our healthcare system! They work in almost every type of care setting, and they posses unique skills that allow them to truly impact patient’s lives.

Moira and I with our Moms!

On this Whatever Wednesday episode, I sit down with my cousin, Moira McSteen, to talk about the importance of nurses. Moira is a senior in the Saint Louis University nursing program. She will be starting her career in nursing following graduation in May!

Moira has had many incredible experiences with patients and fellow health professionals which we dive deep into during this interview. We discuss how we have learned to work with various types of patients over the years. Both of us share some pretty impactful experiences we have had while treating patients including how we have dealt with patients who have died.

Moira and I also discuss how the role of nurses will transform in the next 10 years. With the aging Baby Boomer population and demand for better primary care, nurses will be stepping into even more settings to fill in the gaps of our care systems.

Much more is to be discovered in the episode so enjoy!

Learn more about Moira McSteen by checking out her Instagram or Facebook. Also, learn about SLU’s nursing program at their website!

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