Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Join us on this journey and together we can create a better future of healthcare!


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On this Whatever Wednesday episode, Bernie Lu and Tim Mayo join us as the new co-hosts for the future of
On this episode, Sarah Kliff joins us to talk about health policy and how it is affecting all of us
On this episode, Abdul Dremali joins us to discuss the role machine learning and artificial intelligence will play in transforming
On this episode, Shawna Peters and Nathan talk about the innate wisdom of the human body and the BodyTalk System.
On this episode, Dr. David Randall and Nathan discuss how blockchain and Solve.Care will help revolutionize the healthcare industry. We
Physician Assistants will be taking the lead in many sectors through this evolution of our healthcare system. As Anna Stahlschmidt,
On this episode, Gregg Khodorov and I discuss the evolving healthcare space and how the next generation of health leaders
 Nurses are the corner stone of so much of our healthcare system! They work in almost every type of
On this episode, Dr. Jim Rickards explains how he transformed the medicaid delivery system for the state of Oregon. The
On this Whatever Wednesday episode, we discuss the importance of speech and language to early childhood development, communication, and life

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