Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Join us on this journey and together we can create a better future of healthcare!


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On this episode, Dr. Robert Paul shares his insights into the cutting edge research of neuropsychology and the new frontier
The patient is the center of everything we do in healthcare. We need to understand the experiences they go through
On this episode, Julie Howe comes on the podcast to talk about managing death, information, and the opioid epidemic. Julie
The Future of Healthcare Podcast is growing! It has been 3 months since the launch of the podcast and we
On This episode, I interview Chrissy Larsen who is the Founder and CEO of Wholicity and Why The Health Not. Currently,
I was sitting with a large group of people tasked with devising a plan to curb the problem of over
In this episode, Dr. Rick Lee shares his journey to becoming a premier cardiothoracic surgeon and what he has learned
On this episode, I speak with Ryan O'Keefe who is the host of The Penn HealthX Podcast and a second
In this episode, Dr. Dana Kuhn shares with us how for the past 28 years he has been helping patients
The Ultimate Health Solution, Where to start? According to Rock Health, the first half of 2017 saw more than half

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