WW 005: Physician Assistants are Not Your Average Assistant – Anna Stahlschmidt, Erin Kieny, and Jake Bast

Physician Assistants will be taking the lead in many sectors through this evolution of our healthcare system. As Anna Stahlschmidt, Erin Kieny, and Jake Bast share with us today on the podcast, PAs play a crucial role in healthcare. A role that is often misunderstood but is helping pave the way for patient centered valued based care.

Anna, Erin, and Jake are all first year PA students at Saint Louis University’s Doisy College of Health Sciences. Today on the podcast we discuss their journeys to PA School and how their experiences have prepared them for their future roles as PAs.

Anna is a graduate of University of Missouri-Columbia where she earned degrees in Biology and Biological Sciences while working as a phlebotomist. Erin received her undergrad degree at Saint Louis University and is to thank for uniting this group together for this podcast today. Jake went to Seton Hall University in New Jersey for his undergrad,and then worked as a scribe where he found his passion to become a PA.

Together, these three combined to make an amazing podcasts as we tackled the task of helping the world understand the importance of PAs, their origin story, and how together we will help creat a better future of healthcare!

Enjoy the episode!


Saint Louis University PA Program

Blood Banks Podcast by RadioLab

Anna Stahlschmidt

Erin Kieny

Jake Bast


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