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We are focused on learning from current health professionals across the healthcare landscape to educate and inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders. The Future of Healthcare releases a new podcast each week ranging in topics from health and wellness to technology and healthcare policy.

This podcast is a journey! As new research and unexpected events continue to transform healthcare, we hope to interview people on the cutting edge of these changes to gain a glimpse into what the future could hold based on their knowledge and experiences.

Monday Podcasts:

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Whatever Wednesday Podcasts:

016: Women Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Medicine – Heather Havenwood
On this Episode, Heather Havenwood shares her experiences as a women entrepreneur and marketing expertise and how they influence healthcare.
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015: The Paradigm Shift Changing America – Sal Di Stefano
On this episode I speak with Sal Di Stefano of Mind Pump to talk about how there is a paradigm shift
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Healthcare Reform Will NOT Save Your Life
Once again… the GOP’s attempt to force a skeletonized repeal and replace of Obamcare has been squashed. Many are cheering
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014: Can Single Payer Fix the US Health System? – Dr. Ed Weisbart
On this episode, I sit down with Dr. Ed Weisbart who is a Family Physician as well as the Chair
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Full List of Guests:

040: Creating a TEDx Event – Think Well: Healthcare Out Loud

039: Creating Transparency in Healthcare – G.T. LaBorde

038: Revolutionizing Surgery with VR – Justin Barad, MD

037: The Psychology of Our Technology – Max Stossel

036: Pharmaceuticals for Humans and Animals – Richard Chin

035: How MS Changed My Life – Matt Rowe

034: Uniting Our Global Village – Dr. Frederick Ochieng

033: The Technology and Mobility Revolution – Chris Sullivan

032: Open Market Healthcare in Action – Gary Frazier

031: St. Louis, Hub of Entrepreneurship and Diversity – Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore M.B.A.

030: Music From Her Heart Strings – Dr. Dawn Hui

029: Solving our Sugar Problem – Dr. Jim Surrell

028: The Good and Bad of Healthcare Politics – Sarah Kliff

027: The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Transformation – Abdul Dremali

026: The Innate Wisdom of The Human Body – Shawna Peters

025: Blockchain, The Newest Health Technology Frontier – Dr. David Randall, Ph.D.

024: The Next Generation of Healthcare Disruptors – Gregg Khodorov, MBA

023: How We Fixed Medicaid – Dr. Jim Rickards

022: The Brain and How Life Determines Mental Health – Dr. Robert Paul

021: Managing Death, Information, and the Opioid Epidemic – Julie Howe, M.B.A., D-ABMDI

020: Make Money Being Healthy, Healthcare Cryptocurrency – Chrissy Larsen

019: A New Take on Heart Health – Dr. Richard Lee

018: It’s the Best Time Ever to Go into Medicine – Ryan O’Keefe

017: Helping Patients with Chronic Illnesses – Dana Kuhn Ph.D.

016: Women Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Medicine – Heather Havenwood

015: The Paradigm Shift Changing America – Sal Di Stefano

014: Can Single Payer Fix the US Health System? – Dr. Ed Weisbart

013: Entitled to My Friend’s Opinion – Josh Vankooten

012: Hospital CEO Turned Healthcare Game Changer – Alan Coppock

011: True Health Starts with Wh[Y] – Ryan Hansen

010: The Truth about Medical Schools – Dr. Ryan Gray

009: Get Out of Your Own Way – Jodie Baudek

008: The Importance of Nutrition – Gloria Dollinger

007: Genetics will Change the World – Matthew Bailey

006: Wellness and Community through CrossFit – Josh Newton

005: How the ACA and US History Shaped Healthcare – Patti Wahl

004: Virtual Reality in Healthcare – Brent Cross

003: Baby Boomers, Artificial Intelligence, and Much More – Dr. John Morley

002: The NFL Was Just a Stepping Stone – Dr. Samkon Gado

001: What is The Future of Healthcare – Nathan Dollinger

If you have any suggestions for future podcast guests, please send us a reference!

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