036: Pharmaceuticals for Humans and Animals – Richard Chin

On this episode, Richard Chin discusses with us human and animal pharmaceutical development and what drugs are on the horizon to transform medicine. Richard is the CEO of KindredBio whose mission it is to bring to our animal family members the same kind of innovative, breakthrough medicines that our human family members enjoy.

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Richard was the CEO of OneWorld Health, a Gates Foundation-funded nonprofit that develops drugs for poverty-stricken patients. There, Richard was developing drugs to fight diseases like malaria and cholera. As he searched high and low for new drugs to help patients in the poorest parts of Africa and Asia, he realized that drugs for neglected diseases often come from the veterinary field.

Throughout the episode, Richard and Nathan dive into how Richard’s experiences at OneWrold Health lead to him creating KindredBio. They explore many facets of drug development and what areas of research are most fascinating Richard right now. This episode sheds light into the pharmaceutical and veterinarian industry which are both first time topics for the podcast!

Learn more about Richard at their website: KindredBio or on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Interview Begins [04:25]
  • Where it all started [04:58]
  • Richard’s experience at OneWorld Health, developing drugs for patients in developing nations [06:35]
  • The experience Richard had at OneWorld Health that prompted him to start KindredBio [08:22]
  • Similarities and differences in the drug development process for humans and animals [09:12]
  • How Richard decides what types of drugs he seeks to develop at KindredBio [11:47]
  • Transforming a drug meant for humans into one for animals [14:51]
  • Richard’s thoughts on the difficulty of knowing drug-drug interactions [16:27]
  • What are biologics? [19:19]
  • His thoughts on the animal drug development research [21:41]
  • Thoughts on CRISPR [22:18]
  • Does editing embryos worry Richard? [23:58]
  • The thing that excites him right now on the veterinary pharmaceutical side. [25:37]
  • Diseases that are plaguing the animal world right now [26:42]
  • What’s next in line for KindredBio [32:22]
  • Outlook for the use of veterinary pharmaceuticals in the future [33:54]
  • The headline Richard hopes to see 5 to 10 years from now [36:31]
  • Drugs that people are working on for extended life [37:20]
  • The first thing he would do to create a better future of healthcare if he had all the powers in the world [39:59]
  • Advice for the next generation of healthcare leaders [42:41]

Significant Quotes:

  • “The best way to improve drug development I think is to really be able to say, “Are the things we’re doing making the drugs better or worse?” [43:05]
  • “One of the biggest challenges in the risk-based industry is to take enough risk.” [43:54]
  • “If you go to a field like Alzheimer’s where you’ve had failure after failure after failure and 9 out of 10 experts think it’s going to work, one thing I can tell you is that will not work.” [46:08]

Future Health Headline:

“New Breakthroughs in Gene Therapies and CRISPR”

“New Pharmaceuticals Proven to Extend Life by 50%”


KindredBio Website

KindredBio Facebook

KindredBio LinkedIn Page


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