010: The Truth about Medical Schools – Dr. Ryan Gray

On this episode I speak with Dr. Ryan Gray who is a former flight surgeon in the United States Air Force, 3 time academy nominated podcaster for his work with The Premed Years Podcast, and author of The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview. With years of expertise mentoring premed students as they go through their medical school journeys, Dr. Gray shares loads of wisdom of what he sees going on in the development process of our future health leaders.

We explore topics such as are colleges and universities truly preparing students for a future in healthcare, what future health professionals need to focus on to be successful, and how technology will augment the future of health education and practice overall.

Dr. Gray continues to strive to help as many students as he can on their path to medical school. If you are looking for mentorship or have any questions about what is next in your healthcare journey, check out his website, podcast, and books found through all the links below!

Enjoy the Episode!

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Show Notes:

• Interview Starts [03:50]

• Dr. Ryan Gray’s Journey to medical school. [04:15]

• Started at University of Florida for undergrad and ended up going to New York Medical College before going to the Air Force for 5 years. [04:50]

• Dr. Ryan Gray’s opinions on the undergrad competition between pre health students. [05:50]

• His experience as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force. [07:20]

MedicalSchoolHQ.net [08:40]

• Starting the podcast. [09:35]

• What was the motivation to create all of these podcasts and books? [11:25]

• What is his opinion on how Colleges are preparing students for medical school? [14:35]

• Where will the medical school admission standards move to in the future? [18:50]

• The hoops that are in the way to get into medical school are there for a reason to weed out people and it is very appropriate. You want the highest level people treating your family. [20:20]

• We dig into why need a robust group of health providers, not just doctors. [23:10]

• Will technology and policy change healthcare? [26:55]

• Technology will augment the way we care for patients and assist physicians. [29:10]

• How the Apple Watch and other consumer technologies are helping patients be healthier. [33:00]

• Google glass is making a comeback in the surgical space. [35:05]

• The importance of learning from real cadavers. [37:30]

• Where does Dr. Gray see his future career going? [39:10]

• Dr. Gray’s impact on the healthcare system through all of his mentorship and advice given to future health professionals. [40:25]

• What would on thing he would change about our healthcare system and why? [45:00]

• Advice for future health professionals. [49:50]

• End of interview [52:00]

Significant quotes:

“I don’t think Colleges and Universities are preparing premed students for medical school and I don’t think it is there job to prepare them for medical school.” 14:38

“Doing what you love will be enough to get you into medical school.” 16:35

“Policy will never change how healthcare is done on a person to person bases.” 27:00

Links Mentioned:

Website: http://medicalschoolhq.net/


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The OldPreMeds Podcast

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Book: The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview

Twitter: Dr. Ryan Gray

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