011: True Health Starts with Wh[Y] – Ryan Hansen

On this episode our guest is Ryan Hansen who is the Head Coach and Founder of Prymal as well as a 1st Phorm sponsored athlete. Ryan has had years of experience in the health and fitness industry which lead to him creating Prymal which is a combination of strength training, yoga, athleticism, and high intensity cardio training.

Ryan and I discuss how to attain true health you must first start by asking the question “Why?”, which is part of the reason for the Y in Prymal. We also tackle the topics of personal trainers and coaches are truly the first line of defense for primary care and how to help patients and clients achieve true change in their lives and level of health.

I encourage you all to check out more about Ryan at his website or follow him on Instagram or Facebook.  He puts out great weekly content and does live workout training sessions on Instagram and Facebook each week. Podcast details and more links can be found below!

Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes:

• Interview starts! [04:00]

• Ryan Hansen is the Head Coach and Founder of Prymal which focuses on the full aspect of fitness, a lifestyle approach. [04:20]

• Ryan’s tattoo project of getting Hercules on his back and the meaning behind it. [05:00]

• The story behind Prymal and how Ryan went from working at Wells Fargo to the founder of a fitness movement. [06:25]

• Why did Ryan decide to go with the specific methodology of Prymal? [07:30]

• You need to start with somebody’s Y(why)! Simon Sinek’s Start with Why [08:10]

• Why did Ryan start on his fitness journey? [10:20]

• The effects that fitness can have on the rest of your life. [10:40]

• What struggles has Ryan had during his fitness journey? [12:00]

• Steroids in fitness. [14:00]

• How Ryan become sponsored by1st Phorm . [16:50]

• Where is Prymal at now? [19:05]

• It is important to get outside the box of typical training and expose ourself to different things all of the time. [21:00]

• What has Ryan learned about the client patient relationship from all of his experiences? [22:45]

• The Hamster wheel of fitness and why that is a difficult hurdle we need to overcome. [24:20]

• How do we instill true change into our patients/clients? [25:40]

• Drop the drug addict behavior and looking for that next high. [29:15]

• What role do trainers play in the healthcare system? [30:35]

• Pill Culture and quick fix mentality is hurting us in the US. [32:25]

• Reattaching to our natural state through nature.[36:00]

The Primal Blueprint [37:30]

• Walk barefoot and reconnect with the earth. [38:30]

• True health and fitness is achieved thorough a lifetime of practice. [41:00]

• How to use mindful movement to reconnect with your body. [44:20]

• What is next for Ryan on his journey of fitness and entrepreneurship? [45:30]

• The fitness industry is turning away from big box gyms and turning to boutique gyms to go deeper instead of wider. [47:30]

• Entering the heath filed you need to understand the business side of it, and if you really want to thrive you will capitalize on that understanding. [50:20]

• Ryan’s experiences as an entrepreneur. [50:40]

• If Ryan could change anything about our healthcare and fitness space what would that be and why? [57:10]

• Ryan’s advice for future health professionals. [58:20]

• End of the interview. [59:10]

Significant quotes:

“When you are into fitness you see how you have control over things. If I do x I get why. So you see how you have agency over yourself and over your body which then translates into your life.” 10:45

“A trainer is more of a coach or a teacher than just someone who tells them what to do like a Drill Sargent.” 24:50

“There is no other choice! Either you make the change and you slowly get better or [you keep doing what you are doing] and get worse.” 26:54

“The easiest day is today and the harder day is tomorrow.” 29:20

“Why do you want to be almost like a prisoner in your own body? Fitness is freedom. Freedom not only to move like you want to move, wear the clothes you want to wear, and just have the ability to pick you child up off the ground.” 41:45

“Over promise and overdeliver.” 58:50

Links Mentioned:

Website: https://beprymal.com/



Blog: Monkey Business

Mark Sisson – The Primal Blueprint

Simon Sinek’s book – Start with Why

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