015: The Paradigm Shift Changing America – Sal Di Stefano

On this episode I speak with Sal Di Stefano of Mind Pump to talk about how there is a paradigm shift going on in America that will change healthcare and the way we view health and wellness.

Sal has been involved in the fitness industry since the age of 18 when he became a personal trainer. By age 19 he was managing health clubs and by 22 he owned his own gym. 17 years later he is now host of the Mind Pump Podcast along with co hosts Adam Schafer, Justin Andrews and producer Doug Egge

Throughout the episode we dive into how Sal’s early experiences in the fitness industry lead to his desire to bring truth and science to the fitness industry. With these changes, he believes that a greater level of health can be achieved by more people. We then discuss how these shifts will affect the healthcare space and how best we can be ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of our patients.

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Show Notes:

– Interview Begins [4:15]
– Sal’s part in the creation of Mind Pump [5:39]
– Reaching out to people and helping them make the shift [8:45]
– The lessons he learned from his early years in health and fitness [11:09]
– How to connect with people as a coach [14:45]
– Mindfulness practices and overall health [17:15]
– What is True hunger [19:22]
– Is mindfulness practical in today’s setting? [22:31]
– How our body reacts differently to food [24:20]
– The right information and how big businesses and Government affects it [27:30]
– Where is Mind Pump heading to. [29:50]
– The trends of how people handle their health [31:15]
– Western Medicine being the best system [35:14]
– Making healthcare a lot more accessible [38:50]
– Asking your body before eating [40:20]
– If Sal could change anything about our healthcare and fitness space what would that be and why? [45:35]
– Sal’s advice for future health professionals. [46:47]
– End of interview [48:44]

Significant Quotes:

“Motivation will only get you so far. It works sometimes because you can’t possibly be motivated all the time.” [8:30]
“Movement helps facilitate emotion.” [15:15]
“The holistic approach is a lifestyle change. You can’t really sell that like you can sell a pill.” [36:40]


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Check out their Youtube Channel: Mind Pump TV

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