028: The Good and Bad of Healthcare Politics – Sarah Kliff

On this episode, Sarah Kliff joins us to talk about health policy and how it is affecting all of us in America. Sarah is one of the nations leading health policy journalists. She currently works as a senior policy corespondent at Vox, where she also hosts two podcasts, The Impact and The Weeds

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Throughout this episode Sarah and Nathan dive the incredible work Sarah has done cover healthcare in America and policy such as the ACA and the GOP tax bill will affect all of us. Sarah share numerous experiences from how her start in journalism at Washington University in Saint Louis to her interview with President Obama. We also get insights into what Sarah thinks is going to happen in 2018 with the repeal of the individual mandate and many more changes.

All this and much much more is discussed during this incredible podcast! Connect with Sarah on Twitter and listen to her two podcasts, The Impact and The Weeds. Check out more of her work at Vox.com or through her newsletter VoxCare and Help out with Sarah’s ER Bills Project.

Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Interview Begins [3:10]
  • What prompted Sarah to choose her current career? [4:09]
  • The GOP tax bill and how it will affect us. [9:10]
  • What prompted Sarah to start doing emergency department research? [12:20]
  • Why are the prices of services not revealed to consumers? [15:55]
  • Nobody’s stepping up to make price transparency a thing. [19:43]
  • Are Democrats and the Republicans working towards the same goals in healthcare? [22:27]
  • Sarah’s opportunity to sit and talk with Obama regarding ACA’s current status [24:16]
  • Her podcast “The Impact” [27:04]
  • Choosing her medium [28:41]
  • The headline she wants to see 5 or 10 years in the future [30:18]
  • The healthcare horizon that excites her [31:34]
  • Sarah’s highlights of 2017 [36:55]
  • The experiences that impacts Sarah when she goes out and meets people personally. [39:18]
  • Opinions/thoughts about the achievements of Donald Trump [42:14]
  • What’s next for her and her next career moves? [43:49]
  • Where people can contact her [44:34]
  • The first thing Sarah would do to create a better future of healthcare if she had all the power in the world [45:48]
  • Her advice for the next generation of health leaders [46:48]

Sarah’s Headline for the Future:

90% of American’s Can Easily Predict Their Healthcare Costs


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