026: The Innate Wisdom of The Human Body – Shawna Peters

On this episode, Shawna Peters and Nathan talk about the innate wisdom of the human body and the BodyTalk System. We explore what it means to be in touch with the incredible primal and higher nature of ourselves which allows us to live a healthy life.

Shawna describes herself as an explorer of both the inner and outer world. She was born in Canada and now resides in Costa Rica. There she has explored her inner life, the emotional and spiritual aspects, to gain a better life for herself.

Originally, Shawna was trained for and received a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling. Combining the knowledge from her degree with the BodyTalk System, she has begun helping patients and clients reconnect with and trust in the wisdom of the body. Shawna expresses how choosing to follow the wisdom of her body seemed like a huge risk, but now she knows it to be the wisest thing she has have ever done.

Throughout the episode they dive deep into this alternative type of medicine which is gaining a lot of attention. With the increased focus on meditation and mental health, healing modalities like the ones Shawna and Nathan talk about will gain much more attention and importance.

We are excited to bring to you this episode and encourage you to learn more about Shawna and her work at her website (theshelteringyew.com), Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes

  • Start of the interview [3:15]
  • Shawna’s work [3:59]
  • When she got into intuitive health [5:50]
  • Her move to Costa Rica [9:40]
  • What makes Costa Rica different and beneficial for her practice? [10:50]
  • The type of restrictions she experienced. [12:30]
  • How Shawna works remotely with her clients [14:24]
  • How she starts with new clients [15:04]
  • Trauma that caused her to go down the path she is pursuing now. [18:26]
  • How epigenetics plays into our health [20:36]
  • Experiences she has had with people of the healthcare system [24:15]
  • Ongoing research on intuitive natural health [27:02]
  • Results she saw with some of the clients she has worked with [29:09]
  • Her thoughts on the the health field in the next 5-10 years [33:52]
  • Things she’s excited about and looking forward to [40:20]
  • Where she can be reached [41:26]
  • The first thing she would do to create a better healthcare future if she had all the powers in the world [43:00]
  • Advice to the next generation of healthcare leaders [43:52]

Significant Quotes:

“Relaxation is very beneficial for healing.” [28:46]
“We need to be more in touch with our body.” [36:28]
“We don’t have to know everything.” [38:16]
“Be curious about the world.”[44:04]


Shawna’s Wbsite

Shawna on Twitter

Shawna on LinkedIn

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