WW 007: Learning from Experience and the USA Ski Team – Terry Ahola

On this episode, Nathan is joined by Tim and Bernie for another Whatever Wednesday to discuss the importance of learning from experiences to be better health leaders and how to inspire life changes in patients. At about minute 40, Nathan is joined by Terry Ahola to talk about his health transformation and how he changed his life with the SOS Diet we talked about in Episode 029 of the podcast.

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Terry is a former member of the USA Ski Team and currently is helping Dr. Jim Surrell as they spread the message about the life changing possibilities of the SOS Diet. After his professional career he conditioned skiing and represent the U.S. Ski Team at ESPN and other charity events. Throughout the interview, Terry shares with us stories about his career and what he has learned about the importance of health and nutrition.

Before the interview with Terry, the guys talk on a whole host of topics. They discuss the book Almost Black, which is about a man who lied about his race to get into medical school. From there they talk about how experiences lay the foundation for how we make choices in health and how we must understand how to be health before truly being able to help others in their health journey.

All that and much much more can be found in this episode of the podcast!


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