The Race for the Ultimate Health Solution

The Ultimate Health Solution, Where to start?

According to Rock Health, the first half of 2017 saw more than half a billion dollars of financial investment go into health startups focused on Big Data, Wearable Tech, Machine Learning, Genetic Engineering, and much more.

Why does that matter? What can we gather from what these companies are working towards? 

There is a race going on to solve the biggest problems facing health in the world. Right now we are witnessing the start of some of the biggest revolutions in healthcare since the invention of penicillin. One of these companies starting now could rise to the ranks of Facebook, Amazon, and Google if they solve the right question first.

What is the question we are trying to solve?

We are evolving faster than our biology knows how to handle it.

“But I thought we are done evolving?”

Yes, biologically we are slowly evolving where it is almost negligible, but the evolution of human capabilities due to technology, research, and artificial intelligence is opening up opportunities that we are not ready to handle.

Humans are living longer than ever before but are unhealthier than we have ever been. We understand more now about how to be healthy but suffer from chronic diseases and obesity on levels never seen before. 7.5 billion people live on Earth, more than ever before, but we are destroying the world we live on.


Because we are evolving faster than our biology knows how to handle it. You can also think of it as, we are creating human capabilities so quickly that we are trying to shove a square peg in a round hole. WE ARE THE SQUARE PEG!

Our biology is not meant to handle what we are creating, or we are creating things that are specifically meant to manipulate our very own biology. For Example, we create technology specifically meant to encourage more and more utilization. The more addictive the better! Also, we have designed our cities to promote over consumption. Where should I build my store, place my product, design my food to make it as cheap, accessible, and desirable as possible?

Back to the Topic at Hand, Where are these companies racing towards?

As we continue to innovate and advance in human capabilities, we need to figure out how to mesh the exploding human capability with human health and wellness. Many people are finding out that the solution lies in the marrying of technological advancement more harmoniously with our biology to expand the human capability of self awareness.

Since humans, not maliciously but more accidentally, destroyed our bodies innate ability to understand how to thrive and survive, we now must help bring that back.

These companies are doing just that! They are working to find out how can we create a world where it is easy to be healthy.

Steven Downs does a phenomenal job in his 3 Part Series called, It’s Time to Build Health Into the OS, describing these goals.

Also, Sal Di Stefano goes in deep into this topic in Episode 015 of the Podcast, The Paradigm Shift Changing America – Sal Di Stefano.

Keep your eyes on the PRIZE!

As this race continues it will be interesting seeing who raises in the ranks trying to solve this problem. The one thing I can guarantee is that whoever wins will be one of the most powerful companies in the world.


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