WW 011: My Body, My Choice?

The Netherlands has passed a law to make all of their citizens organ donors unless they opt out. This is opposite to the US which has an opt-in system. Today on the podcast we debate about the ethical concerns behind this legislation and share our thoughts. Then, we dive into how organ donation works and our thoughts on the future of medical schools using VR to substitute cadavers.

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This Weeks Topics

  • Ethics behind organ donation
  • Debate about an opt-in and an opt-out system
  • Process of organ donation
  • Why Bernie hopes to be plasticized when he dies
  • Why medical schools are using VR and other methods instead of cadavers.
  • And MUCH MORE!

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Plastination Donation – Be Like BERNIE!

Donate your body to Science


Netherlands passes bill introducing opt-out organ donation

US organ donation statistics

Milliman organ donation data

Mid-America Transplant Center

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