WW 012: Tackling Fake News, Is Alcohol Better than Exercise?

“Fake News” has become a phrase used to denounce news that seems to contradict your world view. When it comes to the media discussing healthcare research it is almost ALWAYS “Fake News”. Today on the podcast we discuss why we must go past the catchy headlines and dig deeper to understand the truth of healthcare research.

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This Weeks Topics

  • 600 people facing possibly TB infection from health worker
  • Does Alcohol lead to a longer life than exercise?
  • The vaccine debate
  • Is it all Fake News?
  • As future health leaders we must read deeper into the research



Drinking Alcohol Better Than Exercise For Living Past 90, Study Claims

Alcohol and coffee make you live longer, finds almost-too-good-to-be-true study

Doctor behind vaccine-autism link loses license

600 face tuberculosis threat from infected health care worker

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